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MIBLSI training programs provide professional development and technical assistance to district and school personnel. The training programs help participating intermediate school districts (ISDs), districts, and schools set up effective systems and supports that are also sustainable over time. The systems and supports lead to improved student behavior, or reading, or both.

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MIBLSI Training Scope and Sequence

View the MIBLSI Training Sequence

The MIBLSI program helps districts that are implementing behavior and reading supports in schools. View the schedule for ISD, district, and school training sessions and access materials.

PPSC Training Scope and Sequence

View the PPSC Training Sequence

The Promoting Positive School Climate (PPSC) program helps ISDs and districts that are focused on implementing behavior supports in schools. View the sequence for ISD/district and school training sessions and access materials.


Training Search Tool

View the Training Search Tool

Search for training materials by audience and objective for each program.


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