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Evidence-based practices that can be used within the school building.


Behavior and reading impact a student’s ability to learn. The MIBLSI model promotes the strategic integration of behavior and reading supports within a multi-tier system of supports (MTSS) framework. One element of MTSS is the continuum of practices provided for students across three tiers. Find tools and resources for implementing behavior and reading supports and interventions in each tier.

The information found here supports information provided at our training sessions. Teachers and school administrators should use this section as a reference when introducing MTSS into their schools.

MTSS Illustrated

Tiers of supports visualized as a triangle - Universal or Tier 1 at the bottom, Secondary or Tier 2 in the middle, and Tier 3 or Tertiary at the tip
This graphic of an MTSS model was developed by MIBLSI.

A triangle is used to illustrate the broad base of tier 1 supports gradually narrowing to the targeted but more intensive tier three supports. Tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3 supports are also known as universal, secondary, and tertiary supports respectively.

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