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Use of MIBLSI Materials

MIBLSI materials are intended for participating intermediate school districts (ISDs), districts, and schools. However, MIBLSI materials are in the public domain and may be used by non-partnering entities when proper credit is given. MIBLSI materials may not be sold for profit.

Customizing Materials

MIBLSI training materials are standardized and designed to be used for training sessions as directed by MIBLSI staff. PowerPoint presentations are set up as templates so individuals can insert the trainer name and date of the training.

Implementation teams may further customize training materials and supporting MIBLSI resources if deemed necessary. Implementation teams should always consider the impact on future training sessions and materials.

Customized materials should reflect that the ISD or district modified the content using a statement such as: “These materials were adapted from MIBLSI for use within [ISD/District Name].” The participating ISD or district is responsible for developing customized materials. The cost of producing customized materials is not eligible for reimbursement from MIBLSI.

Event/Training Cancellation

MIBLSI only cancels events or training sessions in the case of inclement weather when the training or event facility is closed. Check local media in the area of the training or event for an announcement of facility closures.

If an event that required registration is canceled due to inclement weather, MIBLSI will attempt to reschedule and will apply your registration fee to the new date. Otherwise you will be refunded for the registration fee. If a rescheduled event is held but you are unable to attend, we will not be able to refund your registration fee.

Continuing Education Credits

State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECHs) are offered for most MIBLSI training sessions and some events. Learn more about SCECHs on the Michigan Department of Education website.

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