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MIBLSI Database

MIDATA is MIBLSI’s database. MIDATA helps participating intermediate school districts (ISDs), districts, and schools gather and analyze data.


ISDs, districts, and schools need access to MIDATA to participate in MIBLSI programs. ISD and district implementation teams and school leadership teams must identify members to become MIDATA users. MIBLSI sets up members with the appropriate accounts to access reports and dashboards for entering and viewing data.

Advantages of MIDATA

  • MIDATA is a single point of data entry for all data that is needed, including capacity and fidelity data that is not hosted in any other system.
  • Dashboards and reports are designed for alignment with MIBLSI’s data review process at the school, district, and ISD levels.
  • Data are presented in a common format for school, district, and ISD teams to analyze their data, so the data are easily understood across all levels of support.
  • School-level data are immediately accessible to school districts and ISDs as it is entered.
  • MIDATA was designed based on the principles of effective data visualization to make the graphics consistent, easy to interpret, and clutter-free.
  • All aspects of MIDATA have undergone multiple cycles of usability testing.
  • Districts do not need to produce additional data for grant reporting; MIBLSI collects all data for grant reporting through MIDATA.
  • MIDATA is free to all users.

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