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An Event For: General and Special Education Teachers, Reading Specialists School Psychologists, Reading Interventionists, Title 1 Teachers, School Administrators, Special Education Supervisors

Words Words Words. It is all about WORDS

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Note: SCECHs are pending for this event.

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Words are all we have....for understanding new concepts, building background knowledge, expressing our ideas, and understanding narrative and informative texts.
In this training, Dr. Archer will expand your knowledge regarding the following topics:
  • Selecting vocabulary terms fro explicit instruction
  • Designing effective lessons by determining the word meanings, critical attributes, and examples and non-examples
  • Effectively introducing general academic and domain specific vocabulary
  • Organizing knowledge networks
  • Teaching independent vocabulary strategies
  • Providing adequate practice to promote use and retention of vocabulary
All practices will be modeled and practiced with examples from a variety of grade levels and domains. In addition, intermediate and secondary demonstration videos will be viewed and analyzed.
Target Grades 4-1

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