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An Event For: Individuals who are looking to become SWIS Facilitators

SWIS Facilitator Certification

Event Description

Note: SCECHs are pending for this event.

This Training is to certify local ISD/RESA or district staff as a SWIS Facilitator who will assist their local schools with meeting SWIS readiness and implementation.  A data based, decision-making model is presented. Information generated by SWIS is embedded in decision-making.  The 2 1/2-day training focuses on using SWIS, teaching others to use SWIS, working with schools to prepare for SWIS compatibility, and working with team/coaches to apply a data based, decision-making model.

SWIS Facilitators are individuals employed by the state/district/region to provide assistance to schools. To obtain SWIS, a school must collaborate with a SWIS Facilitator. SWIS Facilitators have a portion of their workload allocated to the tasks associated with SWIS facilitation. SWIS Facilitators are trained during the 2 1/2-day workshop delivered by Certified SWIS Facilitator Trainers.

Becoming a SWIS Facilitator is MOST appropriate when:

  • You have formal time allocated in your workload to perform SWIS Facilitator duties
  • You implement SWIS with two or more schools in the next six months
  • You are able to meet with implementing schools at least five times in a year to access school readiness, train staff, and meet with teams to build fluency in use of data for decision-making

SWIS Facilitator Training is NOT appropriate if:

  • You are planning to implement SWIS in one school
  • You do not have time allocated to work with schools
  • You are not able to meet with implementing schools at least monthly during the three months post implementation
  • Your only role is to enter or use SWIS data at your school

Other Information:

You must pass the pre-screener to be accepted into the training: screening and registration form.

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