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An Event For: Schools who are asked to conduct universal screening using the SRSS coming off of the MIBLSI and PPSC Tier 2 Behavior Supports Training.

Student Risk Screening Scale (SRSS) Coordinator Training

Event Description

Note: SCECHs are pending for this event.

The Student Risk Screening Scale (SRSS) is a universal screening tool used three times a year to identify students who are at risk for challenging behaviors. Educators use the data to design supports needed for students to be academically successful in school. This screening tool consists of eleven (secondary) to twelve (elementary) items that teachers use to rate their classroom of students based on the teacher’s current knowledge with clear evidence of each individual student’s behavior.

Previous participants have found it helpful to attend with a partner from their district or ISD to make the most of the planning time that is available in the training.

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