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An Event For: This session is designed for Reading Interventionists and Title I and Secondary Teachers

REWARDS Plus Science and Social Studies Training

Event Description

Note: SCECHs are available for this event.

REWARDS® Plus builds on students’ familiarity with REWARDS strategies and engages them to apply the strategies to authentic content-area materials. The program enhances reading comprehension, increases fluency, introduces content-specific vocabulary, and builds expository writing skills. The goal of REWARDS Plus is to develop students’ capacity to successfully read science and social studies texts.


  • Ensures transference of REWARDS word-attack strategies to social studies and science texts.
  • Provides extra practice and builds students’ stamina and automaticity in content-area classes.
  • Students learn to interpret and read advances infographics, maps and timelines.
  • Deepens reading comprehension through close reading of informational text.
  • Builds content-specific vocabulary.
  • Builds expository writing skills through short answer, summary, and extended response writing.

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