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An Event For: Teams from ISDs and Districts who are new to learning about integrating school/community mental health within their Multi-Tiered System of Behavioral Supports through ISF and Teams interested in expanding upon existing ISF work.

Interconnected Systems Framework Integrating School and Community Mental Health within MTSS

Event Description

Note: SCECHs are pending for this event.

The intentional integration of school/community mental health within a Multi-Tiered System of Behavioral Supports provides a stronger continuum of supports for all students. This session will provide an overview of the Interconnected Systems Framework (ISF), identify how to get started with this work, and how to keep the work moving forward for those who have already started. The session will include application examples and opportunities to practice with specific tools and resources designed to support ISF.

During this session, we will provide participants with:

  • Rationale and need for the interconnected systems
  • Information about how Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) can serve as a framework for an expanded continuum of school mental health interventions
  • An understanding of how changing roles of clinicians, cross-training, and shared decision making can lead to an expanded system of behavioral health support
  • Tools and resources that can guide the development and implementation of an Interconnected Systems Framework

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