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An Event For: Individuals who are interested in using DIBELS Deep CFOL as a diagnostic tool.

ACADIENCE (DIBELS) Next DEEP Comprehension Fluency Oral Language (CFOL)

Event Description

Note: SCECHs are pending for this event.

A primary purpose and intended use of DIBELS Deep CFOL is to assist educators in (a) untangling the many possible reasons why a student may struggle with comprehension, and (b) better targeting interventions to those skill areas that support reading comprehension.

The following domains are included in DIBELS Deep CFOL: story coherence/text structure, listening and reading comprehension, vocabulary and oral language (e.g., formal definitions, morphological awareness, figurative language, syntax), and fluency with expository and narrative texts. These relatively brief diagnostic assessments are cost- and time-efficient, yet comprehensive enough to provide specific information to better
target or differentiate instruction for students who are struggling in their reading development. The measures are untimed and designed to be user-friendly and adaptable across instructional settings.

DIBELS Deep is primarily intended for use with students who are performing well below expectations (e.g., well below benchmark on DIBELS Next assessments) or performing below grade level within the elementary grades (e.g., K–6). However, DIBELS Deep also may be used with older students with very low skills.

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