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An Event For: Individuals who are using DIBELS Next data to inform instruction

ACADIENCE (DIBELS) Data Interpretation Workshop

Event Description

Note: SCECHs are pending for this event.

The one-day DIBELS Next Data Interpretation Workshop offers advanced training in the use of DIBELS Next data in an Outcomes-Driven Model, perfect for schools implementing a Multi-Tier System of Supports. The workshop illustrates the use of DIBELS Next data at both the student level and the systems level. Learn how to use data to match students to resources, group students for instruction, select materials for progress monitoring, and evaluate the effectiveness of instruction. Participants have the option to use their own data during activities for a truly customized experience. This workshop is best-suited for participants from districts using the DIBELSnet management and reporting system for their DIBELS Next Data, as all report examples are primarily from DIBELSnet.

Physical attendance is required to receive the DIBELS Next Data Interpretation materials that coincide with this training.

Attendees of the DIBELS Next Essential and Data Interpretation Workshops may register for the DIBELS Next Mentoring Workshop to become DIBELS Next Mentors.

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