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PPSC Stages of Implementation Indicators

Knowing the correct stage of implementation helps ISDs and local districts identify the right training and coaching resources and implementation plans.


The PPSC Stages of Implementation Indicators list the features for each stage of implementation for ISDs, districts, and schools that are participating in the PPSC program. PPSC uses indicators that can be pulled from the MIBLSI database for efficient assessment.

Identifying the Stages

Partnering ISDs and districts use MIDATA (the MIBLSI database) to find out their stage of implementation and the stage for each constituent district and school. MIDATA is able to identify the stage using data that are entered throughout the implementation process.

Information such as the assessments that were administered, the data from those assessments, and the training sessions that are scheduled can be matched to the stage of implementation. MIDATA automatically pulls the information and determines the stage.

Indicator Review

  • PPSC directs ISDs and districts to examine their reach using MIDATA dashboards at each data review (at least once a year).

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