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Training Programs


MIBLSI training programs provide professional development and technical assistance to district and school personnel. The training programs help participating intermediate school districts (ISDs), districts, and schools set up effective systems and supports that are also sustainable over time. The systems and supports lead to improved student behavior, or reading, or both.

Districts and schools go through a two to three year process of learning how to set up their MTSS and implementing the evidence-based practices. District and school staff are given the tools and the knowledge needed to sustain the MTSS into the future and help students succeed.


The MIBLSI training program helps district-wide implementation of MTSS that strategically integrates both behavior and reading supports. The program provides separate training sessions for elementary and secondary schools.

Promoting Positive School Climate (PPSC)

PPSC helps ISDs or local school districts work with schools to implement MTSS for behavior supports in K-12.

Promoting Adolescent Reading Success (PARS)

MIBLSI works directly with middle schools for this pilot program to implement MTSS for reading.


MIBLSI works directly with elementary and middle schools for this pilot program to implement positive behavioral interventions and supports (PBIS). The program puts an emphasis on reducing significant disproportionality, meaning that schools do not discipline students of a particular race or ethnicity at a higher rate than other students.

PBIS Intensive Support Project

MIBLSI works with ISDs on this pilot project to help with statewide implementation of MTSS in schools.

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