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Michigan's Integrated Behavior and Learning Support Initiative (MIBLSI) is a state and federally funded project. MIBLSI helps intermediate and local school districts implement and sustain a multi-tier system of supports (MTSS) in their schools to improve student outcomes in behavior and learning. MTSS focuses on providing high quality instruction and interventions matched to student need. 

MIBLSI focuses on evidence-based practices implemented with fidelity that are sustainable over time. MIBLSI utilizes data-based decision making at all levels of implementation support.

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Staff Directory

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MIBLSI's team is here to help and answer any questions.

Training Programs

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MIBLSI provides professional development and technical assistance to district and school personnel through different training programs.


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Funding for MIBLSI comes from multiple sources.


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See the ISDs and districts partnering with MIBLSI, and which of their districts and schools they have reached.


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MIBLSI has several policies for partnering ISDs and districts that enter MIBLSI programs.